Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mt. Daniel Update, and Other Stuff

Tonight, Aug. 11, I attended the School Board meeting until the second closed session started (which was the final agenda item).  Here are some of the more significant points.

Mt. Daniel

Toni Jones said (the first time I have heard this) that starting construction on Mt. Daniel mid-year was a possibility.  I spoke to her on a break and she said that if the Fairfax County Planning Commission approves the Mt. Daniel construction, it is feasible (if permits are granted in time) for the demolition of half of Mt. Daniel to take place over the Winter break and for trailers to be brought in, starting construction in the middle of the year.  She said a plan has been developed and is feasible.

In other news on Mt. Daniel, FCCPS is soliciting bids for food preparation services for Mt. Daniel for the entire year, assuming that the cafeteria may be demolished as part of the construction.  Also, the HVAC work has been completed and the Mt. Daniel administrative offices will start to move back into the school in the next few days, with teachers also being allowed to move back in early.  Dr. Jones said the contractor has cleaned the building, made it “pristine,” and replaced carpet and tile where needed.

Thomas Jefferson High School

As you may know, up to three students per year may attend the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Fairfax County.  The contract allowing them to do so was signed by Dr. Jones on July 15.  The cost to the City is $16,074 per student for freshmen and $14,000 sophomores, juniors and seniors (the extra cost for freshmen is related to capital costs).  However, the students attending this school reduce the FCCPS student population (presumably reducing marginal costs).

Athletics Safety

A School Board member raised whether FCCPS should suggest rule chances to Virginia’s statewide rules on athletics, motivated by concern (I think) as to whether headgear should be required for girl’s lacrosse and perhaps field hockey.  The FCCPS staff will look at the question.

Information Technology and Security

At the suggestion of a School Board member, the FCCPS staff will examine the cost to do periodic third-party audits of FCCPS information technology and cybersecurity practices.

Please let me know if you have further questions or comments.


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