Thursday, August 27, 2015

RFP Information Meeting

I have reviewed the materials from the information meeting on the RFP for the GM/MEH project and there isn't much new, but the materials are a very useful summary.

The big news is that, as FCCPS said, attendance was good.  About 59 people attended, from about 50 organizations.

There is a short deck on the project and the background for the project:

Last, although not new, the deck emphasizes what is desired for the 10 acres of commercial development:

Project Scope of Work: Redevelop a Portion of the Parcels
(RFP: Page 4, Section 2.3 C)
C. Redevelop up to 10.38 acres of the Parcels for commercial uses, or a mix of uses that is significantly commercial, in a manner that: (i) maximizes the financial value of the property to the City and the School Board…(ii) maximizes the net fiscal impact to the City through high-quality commercial uses…(iii) features outstanding design, including exemplary architecture, pedestrian and bicycle friendly streets with effective transportation improvements for access to, from, and through the site, lively public and
commercial spaces with a sense of place, environmentally sustainable buildings and infrastructure, and other enhancements to the Parcels that will benefit the City and surrounding community

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