Saturday, October 31, 2015

1500 Down, More to Go

This afternoon I handed out the last of the 1500 grip cards I had printed, never figuring I would go through that many.  From now on, I am reduced to paper handouts.  My apologies if I hand one to you or leave it in your door, but if I do, I guarantee I was the one who handed it to you or left it. (except at the polls - I can only be at one at a time!)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

My Election Video Message

You may be tired of all the negative stories, dueling advertisements, and endorsements. So here is a positive message - my final School Board campaign video - that talks about my views and what I think we can achieve. It is less than two minutes. Please watch it and share it, especially with people who may not know me and for what I stand. Thank you!
School Board Candidates Answers
This week the FCNP posted the answers of the School Board candidates to the questions it all candidates. You can find the full set here:FCNP Story
And here are my responses. As always, please contact me or comment if you have any questions. Have a great day!

What key issues have caused you to seek this office?
I want to serve on the School Board because I care about our schools, and I have the experience to help. I am a former government and private sector executive, with a background in technology. I understand the problems with managing large organizations because I have done so. My key issues are: improving our use of technology, and protecting kids online; retaining great teachers; engaging parents and taxpayers about our schools and plans for their future; and strengthening school management and providing fiscal accountability – funding a new George Mason high school and larger Mt. Daniel elementary school while protecting taxpayers.
Should the City Council approve full funding of City Schools? Why or why not?
Yes. Great schools are a foundation of our community. However, it is up to the School Board and administration to spend money carefully, and treat the taxpayers’ dollars as their own. That hasn’t always happened. More effective oversight by the School Board, and better planning by the administration and the Board, would help hold costs down.
How should the City develop the new 34.6 acres campus that contains George Mason and Mary Ellen Henderson schools?
The best approach is to build a new high school using significant private investment that also creates a new “place” for the City – facilities that will benefit all City residents – while minimizing taxes. Any development should maximize greenspace through undergrounding of facilities, more vertical development, and “green” rooftops. Whether all this is possible – whether development proposals will justify using up to 10 acres of City and School land for commercial purposes – will have to be carefully examined. To this end, the City Council and School Board must allow for as much public participation as is possible under the law.
Do you support the Mason Row project? Why or why not?
Whether to approve the Mason Row project is a City Council issue. If the project is approved, the job of the School Board will be to provide an excellent education to the new students that the project is expected to produce, along with other students from the City. That said, as a citizen I support smart development that diversifies our tax base to reduce the burden on City taxpayers.
What about the City’s small area plans rolled out to date do you support or oppose most strongly?
I don’t believe the City’s small area plans are the domain of the School Board, with one exception. The School Board should focus on school issues. If elected, that is what I will do. The exception is school facilities, and if Mt. Daniel cannot be expanded, additional school facilities within the City may be necessary, and City plans should take that possibility into account.
If you win this November, do you see yourself running again in the future?
If I am elected, and represent people well, then I would expect to run for a second term.

Response to Article

As some of you may know, last night an article concerning campaign contributions was published on a local website. I was mentioned briefly in the article in a parenthetical. I submitted the comment below to the website several hours ago, but that comment is still "awaiting moderation." Therefore, I am providing it here.
"Good morning. Because I am mentioned in this article in a parenthetical, I’d like to clarify a couple of things so everyone knows my views. First, I have not solicited or received any contributions, large or small, but am running a grassroots campaign. Second, I have been a vocal proponent of greater public participation in the GM/MEH expansion project, see, and wrote a letter to the editor about it.…/letters-to-the-editor-city-should-involv…/. Best wishes, Philip Reitinger"

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Week Off

Everyone is excused from reading my School Board meeting report today.  There was a meeting last night, but it was entirely closed, and so I didn't attend.

Have a great day!

Monday, October 26, 2015

A Falls Church Experience

Today I was out canvassing, and I had one of my best visits yet with a voter.  Not because I found someone with the same views as me – actually, it was because that on this visit I did not.

A gentlemen opened the door and invited me in.  He told me he had already decided to vote for a different School Board candidate.  I told him that he could vote for three.  He asked me for my views on one subject, and when I told him what they were, he said we were “in opposition” and so he could not vote for me.  Then we shook hands and smiled, and I left, leaving him with my card in case he wanted to research further.

This visit was one of my favorites because it shows the things I love most about Falls Church, and the things we can be.  This gentlemen and I didn’t agree, and didn’t try to cover our disagreement with a false consensus.  But we disagreed civilly, we were both (I believe) comfortable that our views had been heard, and if we meet again, perhaps in the grocery store, I am sure we will shake hands again.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Candidate Forum Video Counter

I have set the goals of getting 1000 views for one of the School Board or City Council candidate public forums, by FCC-TV on YouTube.  Here is the current count:

School Board Candidates Forum, Oct. 15 - 252 views
Community Issues Forum, Oct. 8 - 138 views
City Council Candidates Forum, Oct. 1 - 115 views
Community Issues Forum, July 21 - 71 views

We have a long way to go, but I think we can still do it!  (Okay, I am channeling NPR pledge week right now.)  If you have friends or neighbors who want to know more, tell them to watch a video!



Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Superintendent's Contract Extension

On Friday FCCPS provided a press release that noted the extension of Dr. Jones' contract back in September, and the reasons for it - an action the School Board had directed. FCCPS Press ReleaseI think publicly explaining the reasons for the extension is a good step forward. I do wish the press release explained more.
The press release notes Important positive factors, including that: Dr. Jones is very committed, attending events at all hours of the day and responding to email around the clock; continued implementation of the International Baccalaureate program K-12; and that "“Falls Church City Public Schools lead[] in test scores and graduation rates."

What I'd like is a deeper explanation of how Falls Church City students and schools have benefited from Dr. Jones' efforts. Clearly we have great schools and students. I would like to see how the Superintendent's accomplishments map, compared to other Superintendents, to the Virginia Department of Education recommended performance standards for superintendents. VDOE Guidelines . I'd like an explanation of places where we need to improve. And I'd like to understand more about why one of the reasons for the extensions was "fiscal responsibility" - that's very important today. Please note, I may consider the identification of FCCPS as an Apple Distinguished Program as a bit less important than the School Administration.
This is not to criticize our schools, which are excellent and composed of amazing teachers, Dr. Jones, or the Board. But as we move forward, it would be great to have a deeper analysis of both the successes and areas for improvement in our City schools.

Friday, October 23, 2015

My Last "Would you Like a Sign?" Post

Election is two weekends away.  So this is my last solicitation!  Would you like a yard sign to support my campaign?  Pros - it's only two weekends.  I'll pick it up on Wednesday, Nov. 4, with no trouble to you.  It's green.  It's free!  Cons - It's a yard sign - no getting around that.

If you would like a sign, PM me, email me at, or post below.

Thanks very much.


FCCPS Community Survey

FCCPS has released a community survey asking many questions, including preferences for communication and where resources should be devoted. FCCPS Community Input Survey PLEASE TAKE THIS SURVEY!. I can almost guarantee it will frustrate you at times, because it sometimes mixes two or more questions together, or doesn't ask you the question to be asked, but take it anyway.  Especially as budgets are being developed, giving your input is really, really important.  Thank you!

School Bus Cameras


I know Stephanie is on the case already, but it is sad to see a very important program protecting kids put on hold due to what is really a legislative drafting issue.  I find myself annoyed at the occasional "But that's not how the Founding Fathers did it" decisions you see in Virginia.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thank you

I wanted to thank all the people who have answered the door and spoke to me when I knocked.  I was feeling a little down this morning, with negative story followed by negative story followed by comments driving another negative story.  But knocking and doors and talking to people, while physically tiring, picks me up every time.  Today I talked with many people, parents and not, full of ideas and commitment to our schools.  I have homework tonight, because one of the people with whom i spoke had a great idea I need to research.  So thank you all.  And whether I am elected or not, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

MEH Technology Meeting Report

Last night’s MEH Technology meeting confirmed that significant progress has been made on Internet safety and security issues, as had been discussed some during back-to-school night.  The presentation from the session can be found at, although the link wasn’t working this morning.

First, as Dr. Jones wrote earlier, filtering by grade level has been implemented.  For MEH, Dr. Jinks and Principal Harris decided how much to filter.  (Note, the Barracuda web filter allows filtering 85 categories of sites.)  Teachers can white-list sites to be allowed, that might otherwise be blocked, when necessary for educational purposes.  Google Safe Search has also been implemented for images, which should reduce the risk of students finding inappropriate content.

I suggested that the Digital Learning Team, which includes two parents, should review the filtering regime.  Dr. Jinks also said that they expect to review the whitelist and filtering every year to see if they were still appropriate, but that this would be the first year where that was done.  I’d suggest twice a year, with DLT review again, but once a year is a start.

Gaming has been cut back significantly.   Only games specifically allowed by teachers, or linked to in Schoology, should be played.  I did not get a sense of how strong the technical mechanisms to enforce this are, but Dr. Jinks and Mr. Harris indicated that there were far fewer problems this year.  In terms of other distractions, Schoology is now to be used for school purposes only, and access to music and music-video sites are not allowed.

Students are still allowed to install extensions and apps, but the extensions/apps must not be distracting.  I suggested that the allowed extensions and apps should be explicitly white-listed to avoid problems.

Much more effort has been devoted to educating students about safe and proper use.  Students must sign the acceptable use policy, and are told about the disciplinary regime (which has major and minor violations).  FCCPS is using the Common Sense Media digital citizenship curriculum, with some adjustments, this year, which includes information about cyberbullying. 

Last, with regard to incidents, such as access to inappropriate content, it seems the school follows a process, but that process isn’t written down.  Mr. Harris indicated that at a school like MEH, those things happen naturally.  In my experience, it is helpful to have a written procedure so, for example, that anytime there is a problem the current level of protection is reviewed to see if it should be improved in some way. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tech Meeting

Tonight is the MEHMS Parent Meeting on Technology in the MEH Cafeteria.  I'd recommend that parents attend, if they can.  Some good progress has been made on filtering, and it will be good to get a general update.  Thanks!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

SPEAC, Mt. Daniel, and George Mason

This evening’s School Board meeting was shorter than many, but had its share important topics.

First was the ongoing and escalating set of concerns regarding the Special Education Advisory Committee (SPEAC).  If you have been reading the news, you know that this committee had a meeting on Monday evening, Oct. 19, which did not go well.  One of the attendees of that committee meeting spoke at the School Board meeting tonight, and expressed her concerns both about the operation of the committee, and what appear to her to be attempts to discredit her.  John Lawrence also spoke about the committee meeting, and noted some problems with it, particularly including that a non-binding motion (I assume that the chair should resign) was ruled out of order when it should not have been.  I also assume these concerns were discussed more in the roughly hour-long closed session, but the Board didn’t take any further immediate action.

Of even more concern, Justin Castillo, the Board chair, said that after last week’s public form, a threatening comment was made to him personally.  He also noted that people are fearful and that extraordinary measures are being taken for security purposes.  He indicated that is not Falls Church, and I agree.  On this point, please see the FCNP Guest Commentary last week:

On Mt. Daniel, Dr. Jones said the staff was still working in preparation for the upcoming Fairfax County Planning Commission hearing, and didn’t say much more.

With regard to the GM/MEH expansion project, the Board had nothing but good things to say about the community forum on the Schools of the Future this last Saturday.  I agree it was another good session.  I and others had commented that a similar session would be very useful for the teachers, even though some teachers were present on Saturday.  Dr. Jones said she has already done a lot of outreach to the community and the staff already, and that staff is working to pull that together.

Last, I’ll give an attaboy to the School Board.  Given community concerns about closed sessions, the Board changed its agenda on the fly to move the closed session to the end of the meeting so as to better allow the public to participate.  More progress.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

GMHS Forum

I am very excited to be participating with the other candidates for School Board at candidates' forum for GMHS students this afternoon in the GMHS auditorium.  Don't show up - it's only for students!  I am hoping to learn as much or more than I say myself.


This morning's Morning Announcements had a short story on the weekend's CyberPatriot exercise.  This is a great program, and one of the things many of us mean when we talk about 21st Century learning:

GM and MEH teams compete as CyberPatriots

Teams from Mason (above) and Mary Ellen Henderson (inset) spent 6 hours on Saturday (note snacks in photo!) working through the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition putting them in the role of newly hired IT professionals managing a small company's network.

With each new round, teams are given a set of images representing operating systems. They use them to track down the cyber-security vulnerabilities and work through the fixes before moving onto the next threat level.

Teams compete in a statewide competition hoping to advance regionally, and possibly nationally over the next levels of competition. [FCCPS Morning Announcements.]

Grade Level Filtering

Steve Knight's announcement to Schoology users confirms that FCCPS has applied web filterning based on grade level, as Dr. Jones said recently in her "Super Notes."  Congratulations to the FCCPS IT staff, and you have my thanks (and that of other parents, I am sure).

Monday, October 19, 2015

A Step Forward on Closed Meetings

Below is a letter I emailed to the School Board yesterday.

Dear School Board Members,

I am writing regarding the number of closed meetings being held by the School Board, and practices when they are held.

In August of this year I did an analysis of the School Board’s closed meetings, and found that this calendar year 80% of its meetings had had a closed session.  That number is significantly higher than the percentage of meetings closed in the last two years (during those two years, only about 50% of meetings had a closed session).  Between August and now, however, every meeting has had a closed session, raising the percentage of meetings closed in part to about 84%.  That’s the highest percentage since 2010, when about 84% of meetings had a closed session, like this year.

I understand that the past few months have involved a number of issues, including the PPEA, analysis of a complaint, and the recent petition for review of Policy 5.12, that require discussion in closed session.  That said, because closed sessions make it more difficult for the public to attend and participate in School Board meetings, I’d urge the Board to undertake efforts to reduce the number of closed sessions.

I see that for the Oct. 20 meeting, you have moved the closed session to after the public participation agenda item, which I think is a very good step forward.  I request that you also consider, as I suggested in August, that when meetings are closed, you provide as full an explanation as possible of the reason for closing the meeting, and identify in advance how long the closed session will be and stick to that.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Very truly yours,

Phil Reitinger

cc: Superintendent Toni Jones
      Clerk Hunter Kimble
      Deputy Clerk Marty Gadell

Saturday, October 17, 2015

My Ask for Today

I am not going to ask you to post one of my yard signs (right now) or contribute.  I'd like your help in getting people who didn't attend or watch one of the School Board or City Council candidate forums to watch one of them on YouTube.  If you don't know all the candidates, it's the easiest way to get a feeling for us.

The School Board candidates' forum from Thursday evening, Oct. 15, already has 134 views, which is really good, but among the other three forums the the top number of views is 64.  Let's see if we can get the number of views of School Board and City Council candidates over 1000.  It's a stretch goal, but isn't that what we ask of our kids and our leaders?

You can find these on the Falls Church Community Television​ YouTube channel, and links to them are on my website (and elsewhere I am sure).  Thanks!

Schools of the Future Report

We had a good session with many parents, residents, and staff at MEH cafetorium (I hate typing that) Schools of the Future community forum.  Great feedback for the School Board and City Council, I hope.  One thing discussed at our table - there needs to be a similar means for teachers to express directly their concerns to the decision makers.

Schools of the Future

Just a reminder that the Schools of the Future Community Forum session is this morning.  Let's shoot for standing room only and collaborative discussions!  Schools of the Future

Friday, October 16, 2015

Revised Media Links

If you are interested in catching up on media coverage of the School Board campaign, I have updated the links on my Media page.Media, and as I noted earlier, the new Forums page includes links to all the public forums for School Board or City Council candidates.  Forums.

FCNP Story on the School Board Candidates Forum

Here is the FCNP story from the School Board Candidates Forum last night. I appreciate the coverage. I also think it is difficult to get the flavor of the discussion from any written story, in part because, as the FCNP points out, the format did not ask candidates to answer similar questions.  FCNP Story on the School Board Candidates Forum Nevertheless, it was a very good event and I recommend you watch the video of it to see what you think of us!
As I noted earlier, you can find links to all of the candidate forums on

All Candidate Forum Videos are Available

The recordings from all four public forums for School Board and/or City Council candidates are now available on YouTube. These are the Oct. 15 School Board Candidates Forum, the Oct. 8 second Community Issues Forum, the Oct. 1 City Council Candidates Forum, and the July 21 first Community Issues Forum. For easy access, I have created a new page on my website with links to these four recordings. Forums Page
My thanks to all the sponsors of these events, including the League of Women Voters, VPIS, the PTA, the American Legion, Citizens for a Better City, the Falls Church Chamber of Commerce, and the Falls Church Republicans and Democrats, to all the people who attended, to Falls Church Community Television, and to my fellow candidates: Justin Castillo for Falls Church City School Board , Erin Gill for Falls Church City School Board, Mark Kaye, Alison Kutchma For FCCPS School Board, Jacob Radcliffe, Kieran Sharpe, and Becky Smerdon for FCCPS School Board). I wish you all the best.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

School Board Candidate Forum Video

For those of you who missed the LWV/VPIS/PTA School Board Candidate Forum at George Mason this evening, the video of the event is available immediately on Youtube: Thank you very much, FCCTV. Please watch it at your convenience, and if you have any questions, comments, or feedback for me, please let me know.
Thanks to the LWV, VPIS, and PTA for sponsoring the event. It was an honor to participate.

FCNP Guest Commentary

Well said, Liz and Amanda. Our community is the most important part of Falls Church, and we have to work to protect it. FCNP Guest Commentary

School Board Candidates Forum

I hope to see everyone tonight at the GMHS auditorium for the School Board candidates forum, sponsored by the FC League of Women Voters, FC Village Preservation and Improvement Society, the FC Elementary PTA, and the George Mason High School PTSA.  The event starts around 7 pm with a meet and greet, followed by candidate introductions and a Q&A.  The event should end around 9 pm.

Our Schools Grew More Slowly than Expected

The official 2015-16 enrollment numbers are now available, and confirm that Falls Church City Schools grew more slowly than expected this year.FCCPS Student Enrollment   The increase in full-time K-12 students was 2%, up from 2410 last year to 2458.25 this year, which is well under the 2505 students that had been predicted by the University of Virginia (a growth rate of 3.94%).  That our schools are growing more slowly is good news.

Those numbers exclude Pre-Kindergarten, because UVA hasn’t projected those numbers, and because Pre-K is not mandatory for all students.  With the completion of Jessie Thackrey, the number of Pre-Kindergarten grew from 45 to 57 students.  However, that degree of growth will not continue.

FCCPS this year has also begun to include “all students” and not just “full-time students” in the published enrollment totals.  For budgetary purposes that makes sense, because these students also affect school costs.  Taking these students into account, the K-12 growth rate was only 1.85%, because the number of students who are not full-time actually fell this year.

If you add this all up, and include Pre-K even though its growth is somewhat artificial and will not continue, the total school student enrollment grew from 2477 to 2534, which is a growth rate of 2.3%, well below projections.  

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Special Education, Mt. Daniel, and Public Input into the RFP

The Monday, Oct. 13 School Board began with a closed session that ended a bit after 9 pm, and the meeting itself didn’t end until about midnight.  I can’t cover everything that happened in the meeting, but will discuss three of the most important points, with more to follow shortly.

First, the meeting was very well attended, with about 20 members of the public present, a number of whom spoke during the public participation part of the meeting.  The topic that they wanted to discuss was the Special Education Advisory Committee.  If you were not aware, there is a significant dispute between the School Board and the chair of the Special Education Advisory Committee (and others), which has many elements, but is primarily focused on their different views about the role of the committee – is it an advisor to the Board that reports to the Board through the Superintendent, or is it an independent entity that sets its own course and over which the Board has very limited authority?  This has led to a court action in Arlington by four people, including the chair of the committee, which also led to the cancellation of the initial Special Education Advisory Committee meeting.  Personally, I find it very sad that things have come to this; I recommend that you watch the video of that portion of the meeting, so you can see the full discussion.  The video is available at School Board Oct 13 Meeting from about 4:20 to 32:30.

There is one point that I would like to call out – one public commentator indicated his intent to file additional petitions for review of School Board and school administration actions in court.  If I understood correctly, and please see the video yourself, he intends to regularly use court review as a means of objecting to decisions by the Board or school administration.  I fundamentally disagree with this approach, because I believe litigation is a poor way to solve disagreements.  Litigation costs a lot of money, and distracts people from doing their jobs.  Going to a judge should be a last resort.

At the end of the meeting, the School Board decided to allow the Special Education Advisory Committee to proceed with having a meeting, given its important work, even with the pending legal action.  I think this is the right action by the Board – while a court will now ultimately decide whose view of the committee’s role is right – its work should proceed in the interim.   The Board cautioned that the committee, at least until the judge renders a decision, must comply with the law and the new policy on advisory committees (Policy 5.12), and that the Board would continue to look at options for improving the committee.  I am sure there will be new disagreements and conflicts, but I hope that they can be amicably resolved.

Second, on Mt. Daniel, the Superintendent noted that there was nothing new to report.  The Schools are waiting until the Nov. 4 Fairfax County Planning Commission hearing to determine a path forward, and working with the City Council on the matter.  There was no public discussion of Plan B or steps being taken to increase the likelihood of a favorable decision by Fairfax (see 

The last topic for this report is the upcoming process to select a company to rebuild George Mason and expand Mary Ellen Henderson under the “RFP.”  I recently applauded the School Board for scheduling two public meetings in December, both before and after the selection of “short listed” companies that would be asked to submit bids on the project,, with the thought that these meetings would be used to take public input and provide the public with information.  Now, however, it isn’t clear what the purpose of those public meetings is.  The contractor helping the schools with the RFP process indicated not very much could be presented at these meetings, the Superintendent was not even sure whether the listed meeting dates were correct, and the efforts of Board Member Kieran Sharpe to ensure there was adequate public input were rebuffed.  In short, I think there is a real risk that public input on the first set of proposals will be minimal at best.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Please, Please, Register to Vote

Tomorrow, Oct. 13, is the last day to register to vote for the November 3 election. This is the most important election in Falls Church for some time, as the decisions that will be made in the next two years will have a significant effect on Falls Church for a generation. You can register online, and it's easy and fast. Thanks very much, and please urge your friends to register and vote.Online Voter Registration for Virginia

Saturday, October 10, 2015

More Signs!

My new order of signs has just arrived. Please let me know if you would like one or more. You can let me know however you like, by commenting below, by email to, or by FB message.
The election is November 3. No matter for whom you intend to vote, please vote. This is a critical election.

Friday, October 9, 2015

More Good News about Transparency and Participation

As you may recall, I support the effort to obtain significant private investment to help rebuild George Mason High School and expand Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School. However, I have been concerned that greater efforts needed to be undertaken to involve the public.

I was reviewing the documents for this coming Tuesday's School Board meeting, including the schedule for the George Mason project. That document had a surprise. The Request for Proposals for the project referred only to a public hearing next April, but the current schedule shows two public meetings in December of this year. One is before the selection of the "shortlist" - those companies that will be asked to submit detailed proposals - and one afterward.George Mason PPEA Schedule  If that is the intent, our elected leaders have taken another important step toward transparency and participation.

The agenda includes other items, including the letter I sent the Board about Plan B for Mt. Daniel.Reitinger Mount Daniel Letter  I'll provide a report on meeting after it takes place.

More Signs of Progress

Yesterday the FCCPS Superintendent, Dr. Jones, published her first "Super Notes." These are worth reading, and indicate that community feedback, including on technology, is being heard.  FCCPS Superintendent Super Notes
First, Dr. Jones apologized for her decision to purchase Apple Watches, and is donating $5000 to the school division. I think this is an important step to put this matter behind us. Rather than the donation, I would have preferred a more explicit statement that the purchase was a mistake, which it was, rather than apologizing because the decision was "divisive or controversial in our community," Nevertheless, this is significant.
The notes also mention that the effectiveness of the watches is being evaluated, which is fine, but if I am elected to the School Board, I would oppose a decision to purchase any more, unless a much, much stronger justification were made than that Apple Watches are helpful to be able "to move around within a reasonable distance without our phones[.]"
Second, the notes say that FCCPS has implemented Internet filtering that varies by grade level - so that seniors can see different things on the Internet than kindergartners. Again, this is an important step that responds to community input, in this case the concerns of about 60 families that wrote to the Superintendent last year. Last year the filtering was the same across all grade levels, and FCCPS was working toward implementation of different filtering for each school. I applauded that move, and asked that it be extended to filtering by grade, Sept. 4 Open Letter to the School Board and it seems that has now been done. Kudos to the FCCPS and its IT staff.
There's more, including on Mt. Daniel, so please take a look.

Community Issues Forum Involves All 13 Candidates for School Board and Council

Thanks to the City Republicans, Democrats, Chamber of Commerce, CBC, and American Legion for hosting last night's Issues Forum for both School Board and City Council candidates. All 13 of us were there. I'll post the link to Youtube when the video becomes available, and the event will be broadcast on FCCTV.
The next School Board session is in one week, October 15.

FCNP Story on the Community Issues Forum

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Candidates Forum Tonight

Please come to the School Board and CIty Council candidates forum tonight at the American Legion Hall at 7 pm.  FCNP Story.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Letter to the School Board on Mt. Daniel

Dear School Board Members,

I am writing regarding the options for expanding elementary school facilities, should the Fairfax County Planning Commission deny the application to expand Mt. Daniel.

I and others have raised that the uncertainty around the ability to expand Mt. Daniel required developing a “Plan B.”  However, the Administration and School Board have provided little information so far on this topic.   When the issue last came before the Fairfax County Planning Commission, there was an ambiguous reference that there would be consideration of other alternatives to the proposed expansion, but it is unclear what those options are.  I see no evidence yet that the objections raised are being overcome, and that opposition to the proposal is lessening.  To the contrary, it seems to me that opposition may be hardening.

I understand that this is a difficult situation.  There is an issued bond, approved by the voters, on which we are paying interest, but construction cannot start because Fairfax County has not approved it.  That said, we seem to be taking little action to develop alternatives.  Some better options may have passed us by or become more expensive: we have already completed work on a Thomas Jefferson expansion that might have been larger, but was not.  And the City and Schools have sent out a Request for Proposals to expand MEH and GM without any mention yet of the possible need to add another grade as an “add alternate.”

It’s time to move forward.  So, while I think it is important to continue to address the Fairfax County Planning Commission’s concerns, and those of the local residents, in order to obtain approval of a Mt. Daniel expansion if possible, it is also important that we start work on a Plan B.  Perhaps it is not too late to get proposals (as part of the “detailed” RFP process) for adding a grade to MEH/GM as a part of future construction, so we have one more option (even though that is a poor option).  And other options should be explored, including expanding TJ again, or moving Mt. Daniel to a location inside the City.  Finally, the Board might consider discussing the matter with the public, at least briefly, at a forum such as the upcoming visioning event.

While I understand some of these discussions may be in closed session to preserve the schools’ bargaining position, I’d urge you to share as much as possible with the public.  Thank you very much for your consideration.

Very truly yours,

Phil Reitinger

cc: Superintendent Toni Jones
      Clerk Hunter Kimble
      Deputy Clerk Marty Gadell

Monday, October 5, 2015

Community Issues Forum

The second Community Issues Forum featuring School Board and City Council candidates is this Thursday, October 8, at the American Legion Hall.  The Email announcement is below.  Please join us at the American Legion Hall at 7:30 pm.

Please Join us . . . .

Thursday, October 8th at 7:30 PM  at The Falls Church American Legion Post, 400 N. Oak Street, Fall Church

The Falls Church Republican & Democratic Committees, the Falls Church Chamber of Commerce, Citizens for a Better City, and The American Legion Post will co-sponsor a dual School Board and City Council Candidates Forum.

The Forum will feature two one-hour question & answer sessions.
the first hour for School Board Candidates and the second for City Council Candidates.

Questions will be generated by the community members in attendance.  The program will be video-recorded for replay on local cable channels and Youtube.

Forum MC:   Peg Willingham, Chairman, FC Democratic Committee

School Board Moderator: Gary LaPorta, FC Chamber of Commerce

City Council Moderator: Ken Feltman, Chairman, FC Republican Committee

All members of the Falls Church community are welcome and encouraged to attend.

MEH Tech Night

All MEH parents - this week's Husky Herald notes that there is a parent information night the week of Oct. 18 to discuss the use of technology at MEH.  I'd urge everyone to come to participate and provide feedback.  Here is Principal Harris's note:

"We will be hosting a parent information night the week of October 18th to discuss technology use at MEH.  During this time we will give you an opportunity to learn more about how we are using instructional technology to improve student learning, and what steps we are taking to keep your student safe and engaged.  Specific details surrounding this meeting will be shared with you in next week's Herald."

Sunday, October 4, 2015