Monday, October 26, 2015

A Falls Church Experience

Today I was out canvassing, and I had one of my best visits yet with a voter.  Not because I found someone with the same views as me – actually, it was because that on this visit I did not.

A gentlemen opened the door and invited me in.  He told me he had already decided to vote for a different School Board candidate.  I told him that he could vote for three.  He asked me for my views on one subject, and when I told him what they were, he said we were “in opposition” and so he could not vote for me.  Then we shook hands and smiled, and I left, leaving him with my card in case he wanted to research further.

This visit was one of my favorites because it shows the things I love most about Falls Church, and the things we can be.  This gentlemen and I didn’t agree, and didn’t try to cover our disagreement with a false consensus.  But we disagreed civilly, we were both (I believe) comfortable that our views had been heard, and if we meet again, perhaps in the grocery store, I am sure we will shake hands again.

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