Friday, October 9, 2015

More Good News about Transparency and Participation

As you may recall, I support the effort to obtain significant private investment to help rebuild George Mason High School and expand Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School. However, I have been concerned that greater efforts needed to be undertaken to involve the public.

I was reviewing the documents for this coming Tuesday's School Board meeting, including the schedule for the George Mason project. That document had a surprise. The Request for Proposals for the project referred only to a public hearing next April, but the current schedule shows two public meetings in December of this year. One is before the selection of the "shortlist" - those companies that will be asked to submit detailed proposals - and one afterward.George Mason PPEA Schedule  If that is the intent, our elected leaders have taken another important step toward transparency and participation.

The agenda includes other items, including the letter I sent the Board about Plan B for Mt. Daniel.Reitinger Mount Daniel Letter  I'll provide a report on meeting after it takes place.

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