Thursday, October 15, 2015

Our Schools Grew More Slowly than Expected

The official 2015-16 enrollment numbers are now available, and confirm that Falls Church City Schools grew more slowly than expected this year.FCCPS Student Enrollment   The increase in full-time K-12 students was 2%, up from 2410 last year to 2458.25 this year, which is well under the 2505 students that had been predicted by the University of Virginia (a growth rate of 3.94%).  That our schools are growing more slowly is good news.

Those numbers exclude Pre-Kindergarten, because UVA hasn’t projected those numbers, and because Pre-K is not mandatory for all students.  With the completion of Jessie Thackrey, the number of Pre-Kindergarten grew from 45 to 57 students.  However, that degree of growth will not continue.

FCCPS this year has also begun to include “all students” and not just “full-time students” in the published enrollment totals.  For budgetary purposes that makes sense, because these students also affect school costs.  Taking these students into account, the K-12 growth rate was only 1.85%, because the number of students who are not full-time actually fell this year.

If you add this all up, and include Pre-K even though its growth is somewhat artificial and will not continue, the total school student enrollment grew from 2477 to 2534, which is a growth rate of 2.3%, well below projections.  

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