Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Superintendent's Contract Extension

On Friday FCCPS provided a press release that noted the extension of Dr. Jones' contract back in September, and the reasons for it - an action the School Board had directed. FCCPS Press ReleaseI think publicly explaining the reasons for the extension is a good step forward. I do wish the press release explained more.
The press release notes Important positive factors, including that: Dr. Jones is very committed, attending events at all hours of the day and responding to email around the clock; continued implementation of the International Baccalaureate program K-12; and that "“Falls Church City Public Schools lead[] in test scores and graduation rates."

What I'd like is a deeper explanation of how Falls Church City students and schools have benefited from Dr. Jones' efforts. Clearly we have great schools and students. I would like to see how the Superintendent's accomplishments map, compared to other Superintendents, to the Virginia Department of Education recommended performance standards for superintendents. VDOE Guidelines . I'd like an explanation of places where we need to improve. And I'd like to understand more about why one of the reasons for the extensions was "fiscal responsibility" - that's very important today. Please note, I may consider the identification of FCCPS as an Apple Distinguished Program as a bit less important than the School Administration.
This is not to criticize our schools, which are excellent and composed of amazing teachers, Dr. Jones, or the Board. But as we move forward, it would be great to have a deeper analysis of both the successes and areas for improvement in our City schools.

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