Wednesday, April 13, 2016

We Have a Survey!

Last night the School Board asked the Superintendent to conduct a teacher survey this year. Thank you all for your unending efforts to make this happen.
The survey that will be conducted has some problems. It is of teachers only, and not all staff. It doesn't include free form comments. It doesn't specifically ask for feedback on the School Board and central office, but only the local school administration. And it doesn't allow adding special, programmatic questions, such as the value of certain programs in FCCPS.
Nevertheless, I support this survey and offered the motion to move forward. In this case, I don't want to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. We are running out of time this school year, and if want to do a survey we have to start the process now. The instrument likely to be used is quite rigorous and will allow comparison to other school districts. And it is more affordable than most options. I have reviewed the standard survey instrument, and the data it will provide I expect to be actionable and very valuable.
And the School Board voted unanimously. Thank you all.
(These are my personal views and not the official statement or records of the Board. They are not minutes but my personal summary of some of the highlights from the meeting.)

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