Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mt. Daniel Decision Day

Tonight the Mt. Daniel construction project is on the agenda of the Fairfax County Planning Commission for "Decision Only" - no public hearing. My thanks to Fairfax County for considering the school needs of its neighbor, and to our neighbors on Oak and the surrounding streets for dealing with the inconveniences of a nearby school. And to all the parents, FCCPS and FCC folks, and elected officials who presented our request, thank you.


  1. FCCPS now expects that the Planning Commission will defer a final decision on the Mount Daniel project until September 14, or 15, 2016, which will provide ample time for the Commissioners to consider FCCPS’ response to the points raised in the public hearing.

  2. Hi Phil, can you please clarify who requested the deferral until September - Fairfax County or FCCPS? Thank you!!