Meet Phil

I am a long-time Falls Church resident with three kids in the Falls Church City schools.  I am a former senior government and private sector executive, with a background in technology, computer security, law, and law enforcement.  I understand the problems with managing large organizations because I have done so myself.

I moved to Falls Church in 1998 when my wife, Carole Jeandheur, and I were married.  Before that, I lived just outside the City in Fairfax County, and before that in Arlington and Alexandria.  When Carole and I were looking for a different house a few years ago, we looked only in Falls Church City and moved less than a mile away from our old house.

Our three kids were born in 2003 – triplets.  They have grown up in Falls Church, attending Mt. Daniel, Thomas Jefferson, and now Mary Ellen Henderson.  They went to preschool at the Falls Church Community Center and Columbia Baptist.  We couldn’t be happier with the Falls Church City school teachers, the kids who attend school here, and the community that supports the schools.

Carole and I love the City.  We have raised our kids here, and intend to live here well after our kids graduate and launch their own families.

As for my experience, in the course of my career I have worked for large government agencies – the Department of Justice, Department of Defense, and Department of Homeland Security.  I have worked for Microsoft and Sony in the private sector.  In the government I worked my way up to a career Senior Executive Service position and then served as an appointee.   I have managed large organizations with significant budgets.  I have been a prosecutor, responsible for computer hacking investigations and cases, and was a law enforcement officer as an executive with the Air Force.  Currently I run my own consulting firm, VisionSpear LLC.

I am very experienced in working with and leading boards and committees.  I sit on a number of advisory boards in both the private and public sectors, including the New York Governor’s Cyber Security Advisory Board.  Earlier in my career I chaired the G8 Subgroup on High-Tech Crime and the National Cybercrime Training Partnership.

I have a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Vanderbilt and a law degree from Yale Law School.

If you want to know about my professional background, you can find it here:, and here is my professional bio: Phil's Professional Bio

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